Hello Soap Enthusiasts!

Though many products claim to be safe for sensitive skin, sometimes these products can still irritate the skin and cause discomfort for those with extremely sensitive skin. We at The Spirit Goat want to help!

Since 2002, we have grown from a home kitchen to a boutique-style store. During that time, we have been researching, formulating, and developing goat’s milk products that will effectively and gently take care of your skin’s needs. We understand that it can be frustrating and difficult to find products that won’t irritate you or your loved one’s skin. We provide safe, natural options and cater specifically to those with skin sensitivities.

We also enjoy the creative aspect of soapmaking, making new products and improving old ones — and also being able to give back to a community that has provided so much for our family.

Check out our selection of handcrafted goat’s milk soaps, goat’s milk lotions, and other natural products! We hope you enjoy your visit!

This blog is created for our loyal customers and future enthusiasts! Our goal is to educate you as much as possible about every ingredient in our products to show you the love and care we put in everything we create. This way, you can learn to love your existing products or muster the courage to switch it up and try something new!

Either way, we want our customers to appreciate our products for all the natural, skin-purifying, and moisturizing goodness.

We would love to hear about your favorite products or any suggestions. We are always creating and love to hear what you think!


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